The Small Machine Talks - Episode 32The Small Machine Talks - Episode 32

The Small Machine Talks Episode 32

Recorded on Sunday, May 13, 2018

with a.m. kozak, Amanda Earl and Manahil Bandukwala

Click here to listen to the episode.


In which we talk about recent and upcoming events in Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto, recent reads including Cassidy McFadzean’s Hacker Packer, Vallum 15:1, Natalee Wee’s Our Bodies and Other Fine Machines, the walk as poetic form and essay, a.m. kozak’s playwrighting debut as part of CSArt’s subscription service, accessible locations, funny one-liners, little millenialisms, calls for submission, contests and hints for submitting poetry to

Links to stuff mentioned in the episode include the following:

Kanada Koncrete program

M. Nourbese Philip – the Book of Un with Undex

Gap Riot Press

Comma by Jennifer Still

Project 40


Hacker Packer by Cassidy McFadzean

Vallum Magazine

Our Bodies and Other Fine Machines by Natalie Wee

Stay tuned for our next episode in which we interview Manahil Bandukwala. The episode will be on line later this month, and our next round up of events, books and calls will be in June.

Thanks to Charles for processing, Jennifer Pederson for intros and outros, to you for listening and sharing the podcast and to the publishers who have been sending us books for review and discussion on the podcast. Stay tuned for talks on books by Invisible Publishing and Wolszak and Wyn. Thanks to Manahil and Aaron…

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