2018 - Thank You


AngelHousePress thanks the following poets and artists for their contributions to this year and thanks to all who sent us submissions, who shared and promoted the site this month.


The work will be on line at until February 28, 2019. A new call for submissions will go out via our AngelHousePress mailing list (sign up at, our FB page and my personal Twitter account: @KikiFolle.


1. Bilingual Poet’s Dilemma - Poet (English and British Sign Language versions): Donna Williams; Film Co-directors: Sandra Alland & Ania Urbanowska; British Sign Language interpreting and translation consultation by K. Yvonne Strain, Scotland

2. Man-flavoured Condoms – Jeff Kirby, Canada

3. fátima queiroz [untitled typewriter poem] Brazil

4. Where To Find Me – Robin Sinclair USA

5. Gary Barwin @garybarwin [untitled visual poem] Canada

6. Melissa Beek – My Stolen Sisters, Metepenagiag First Nation

7. Márton Koppány – Forecast (Hungarian Vispo No. 18), Hungary

8. the nth digri – Sugar Cane (video) Canada

9. michele provost and zachary robert – A Good Thing, Canada

10. Jenna Jarvis - pokémon battle simulator, Canada

11. Donmay – Feeling and Understanding, USA

12. Ariel Dawn – Morning, Canada

13. Sacha Archer – falls into line, Canada

14. Bola Opaleke – A Stone Goes Into the Water Not Drown In It, Canada

15. Daniel f. Bradley lowrent boogie woogie, Canada

16. Willy Palomo – Mark 6:41-42, USA

17. andrew topel – triptych, USA

18. Diana Manole - Trump’s Abecedary (Selections), Canada

19. Tchello d’Barros – INFINITALL, Brazil

20. Jane Eaton Hamilton – The Hole in Her Cheek, Canada

21. Kate Siklosi – the shade of it all, Canada

22. Mimi Ramos Lebuffe - I knew or was (la vocal eterna), Canada

23. Marilyn R. Rosenberg (MRR) – STOP OVER, USA

24. Melissa Carey – Roadwork, Canada

25. psw – signs [Korean typewriter series] Germany

26. Manahil Bandukwala  In Bloom, Canada

27. Carol White – Matron of Doll Hospital – Collage on Water Color Paper, Ireland

28. Catherine Graham – Fire Glass, Canada

29. Carol Barbour – Spider War, Canada

30. Ally Fleming – For This Poem To Exist I Have No Choice But To Suffer This Grief, Canada


Stay tuned for announcements of new chapbooks to be published with AngelHousePress and DevilHouse in the spring and autumn, and the 11th issue of in the autumn as well. Also a.m. kozak and I will continue to host the Small Machine Talks, exploring the poetry scene in Central Canada and beyond. Stay tuned for interviews, event recaps and wish lists, calls for submission and reviews of books and chapbooks to come!


I hope you’ve enjoyed the celebration.


yr fallen angel,

Amanda Earl

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