Mario José Cervantes

Mario José Cervantes (Barranquilla, Colombia, 1971)

Studies in Philology and Modern Languages and Philosophy. He has collaborated in print and digital magazines in Argentina (La Hoja M, La Tzara, Tse-Tse), Brazil (Zunai), USA. (Word for Word), Cuba (Desliz), Portugal (Big Ode), Spain (Veneno), Hungary (Nyugat Plusz). He also participated in several international exhibitions of visual poetry in Chile (La Universidad Desconocida, 2009), France (Biennial of Visual Poetry in Ile sur Tet, 2015 and 2017) and Colombia (I National Salon of Visual Poetry, 2014). It has been included in the digital anthology Gramma Visual (Spain, 2006). He published his first book of visual poetry Magma (Spain, 2016). Work published in Experiment-O 12, November, 2019.

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