Map of Women and Gender Non Conforming Visual and Concrete Poets

Dear Friends,


AngelHousePress is creating a collaborative map for women and gender non conforming visual and concrete poets. We recognize that not all are able to participate in the project. In some areas, artists are persecuted for their art and cannot be visible. Some fear and have had to deal with online stalking and harassment. We understand that visibility is a privilege that is not available to all. We respect those who choose not to take part in the project. We are outraged by those who would take advantage of artists, and we see it as a form of repression of art. We are saddened for those who are repressed, bullied and harassed and also for those who appreciate such art and are not able to find out about the artists who are repressed and hurt by cretins who take advantage of artists' attempts to connect with each other and the world. We recommend reading the Freemuse State of Artistic Freedom, 2019 report and the Privatising Censorship, Digitising Violence: Shrinking Space of Women’s Rights to Create in the Digital Age  report.

If you are a woman or gender non conforming visual or concrete poet who would like to and is able to participate in the project, please send me your info:
1. name
2. country
3. primary type of visual poetry: (eg digital, concrete, collage, asemic, alt book)
4. site, if applicable

e-mail and i'll add the markers.
if i can figure out how to ensure stability, i'll add the collaboration back.

You can view the map here:


I’d really love to see a dense map of women and gender non conforming visual poets.

AngelHousePress is undertaking this initiative because just like with other forms of publishing, men make up the vast majority of publications, even though they are not the only option. there is strength in numbers.


Furthermore, we will ensure that all publishers of visual and concrete poetry can see the map so that they will have no more excuses when they claim the lack of women and gender non conforming visual and concrete poets.


yr fallen angel,

Amanda Earl

ps: For every woman and gender non conforming visual and concrete poet who is on the map by December 31, 2019, on behalf of AngelHousePress, I will donate $1 for a maximum total of up to $250 to Freemuse, an independent international organisation advocating for and defending freedom of artistic expression.

If you'd like to join in, please do so, or donate to other charities that support artistic freedom of expression, women, 2SLGBTQIA, D/deaf, disabled and BIPOC individuals who are targets of persecution, violence, harassment and suppression... Here is the beginning of a list. Please feel free to suggest additional charities, and do research before donating to any charity.

Global Fund for Women
the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association
It Starts With Us – Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women
Amnesty International
Pen International

Local women's shelters and food banks in your community.

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