Enzo Patti

Enzo Patti

Enzo Patti is a drawer, painter and set designer. He lives and works in Palermo, Sicily.

He is currently drawing and painting “manuscripts” and “asemic landscapes” on wood or paper.  He has decorated both private and public spaces and has designed scenes

for the most important Greco-Roman theatres in Sicily.

He is the author of object books and of  book art objects unique or in numbered copies. He has illustrated divulgation books on the legends and histories of the mafia in Italy. He has made only a few solo exhibitions related to his artistic search but has participated in many collective national and international venues, particularly on the themes of art books and writing.

He has taught scenography at the Academy of fine arts in Palermo and still cooperates with the Academy for the realization of “Liber Fare” – a collection of art books – and for the projects “Rambla Papireto” and Throughout Danisinni”. His work appears in NationalPoetryMonth.ca. Photo credit: Ettore Magno

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