The Small Machine Talks Episode 45 - Interview with Hugh ThomasThe Small Machine Talks Episode 45 - Interview with Hugh Thomas

The Small Machine Talks Episode 45

Interview with Hugh Thomas

Hosted by Amanda Earl and a.m. kozak

Sunday, June 23, 2019

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In the final episode of season 3, we talk to Hugh Thomas about his new poetry collection, Maze (Invisible Publishing, 2019), math and poetry, false translations, constraints, travel and more. 

We Traced The Shape Of Our Loss To See Your FaceWe Traced The Shape Of Our Loss To See Your Face

Hannah Rodabaugh’s We Traced The Shape Of Our Loss To See Your Face catalogues loss, loneliness, desire and melancholy in the dark palette of cave crickets and night beetles, burst stars, fuchsia as tarnished blue, scaly fish, clotted fibre. The chapbook considers mortality and permanence, the role of language, symbols, movement, materiality, pain and silence. 


hiromi suzuki’s Andante invites you to imagine every tear of paper, every texture, the delicate pressure of words, the play of light. Andante is a still life version of a 35 mm black and white film with light and shadow briefly flickering on tree, bridge, piano, wall, crowd, phrase, letter, shape, then gone. 

Map of Women and Gender Non Conforming Visual and Concrete Poets

Dear Friends,


AngelHousePress is creating a collaborative map for women and gender non conforming visual and concrete poets. We recognize that not all are able to participate in the project. In some areas, artists are persecuted for their art and cannot be visible. Some fear and have had to deal with online stalking and harassment. We understand that visibility is a privilege that is not available to all. We respect those who choose not to take part in the project. We are outraged by those who would take advantage of artists, and we see it as a form of repression of art. We are saddened for those who are repressed, bullied and harassed and also for those who appreciate such art and are not able to find out about the artists who are repressed and hurt by cretins who take advantage of artists' attempts to connect with each other and the world. We recommend reading the Freemuse State of Artistic Freedom, 2019 report and the Privatising Censorship, Digitising Violence: Shrinking Space of Women’s Rights to Create in the Digital Age  report.

If you are a woman or gender non conforming visual or concrete poet who would like to and is able to participate in the project, please send me your info:
1. name
2. country
3. primary type of visual poetry: (eg digital, concrete, collage, asemic, alt book)
4. site, if applicable

e-mail and i'll add the markers.
if i can figure out how to ensure stability, i'll add the collaboration back.

You can view the map here:


I’d really love to see a dense map of women and gender non conforming visual poets.

AngelHousePress is undertaking this initiative because just like with other forms of publishing, men make up the vast majority of publications, even though they are not the only option. there is strength in numbers.


Furthermore, we will ensure that all publishers of visual and concrete poetry can see the map so that they will have no more excuses when they claim the lack of women and gender non conforming visual and concrete poets.


yr fallen angel,

Amanda Earl

ps: For every woman and gender non conforming visual and concrete poet who is on the map by December 31, 2019, on behalf of AngelHousePress, I will donate $1 for a maximum total of up to $250 to Freemuse, an independent international organisation advocating for and defending freedom of artistic expression.

If you'd like to join in, please do so, or donate to other charities that support artistic freedom of expression, women, 2SLGBTQIA, D/deaf, disabled and BIPOC individuals who are targets of persecution, violence, harassment and suppression... Here is the beginning of a list. Please feel free to suggest additional charities, and do research before donating to any charity.

Global Fund for Women
the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association
It Starts With Us – Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women
Amnesty International
Pen International

Local women's shelters and food banks in your community.

The Small Machine Talks Episode 44 - Interview with Ben LadouceurThe Small Machine Talks Episode 44 - Interview with Ben Ladouceur

The Small Machine Talks with a.m. kozak and Amanda Earl
Episode 44 – Interview with Ben Ladouceur
Recorded on Sunday, May 26, 2019, 
Click here to listen to the interview.
We talk about Mad Long Emotion, Ben's new poetry collection from Coach House Books, his chapbooks, form, composition, the macabre, the body, his influences, such as John Barton and more. 

The Small Machine Talks Episode 43 - Interview with Danielle K.L. GrégoireThe Small Machine Talks Episode 43 - Interview with Danielle K.L. Grégoire

recorded Sunday, April 28, 2019
click here to listen to the episode.

Danielle K.L. Grégoire is a parent, poet, comedian, storyteller, and proud Northern Manitoban. She/they stand at the intersections of many identities: Métis, French Canadian, English Canadian, queer, gender-fluid, rural and city. Danielle was a former co-director of the Capital Poetry Collective, the founder of Seattle’s Comedy Womb (now the Comedy Nest), and former producer of the Seattle Moth StorySLAM. Danielle is dedicated to helping people tell their own stories, and is opening a venue in Almonte, ON called Curious & Kind for all spoken word art forms, podcasting, crafting, and soap pouring in 2019.

We speak to Danielle about her plans to open Curious and Kind in Almonte, Ontario, a venue for storytelling, comedy, soap pouring, poetry and podcasting. We talk about her role as a facilitator, connecting folks who can help each other, and supporter of other people's work. She's hoping to have a grand opening in June, in time for her 40th birthday. Almonte is a small town with an artistic focus, about a 45-minute drive from Ottawa. 

The episode is a far-ranging interview in which Danielle talks about connections between small towns and larger cities, artificial intelligence, other initiatives she's been involved in to foster others, Anne of Green Gables, actors spotted in Almonte, why independent films happen there, birthdays, the beauty of hearing people tell their stories and helping to make that happen, the storytelling of the Cree population from Northern Manitoba, interactive storytelling with the audience, Gumby, show and tell, listening to seniors tell their stories in seniors' homes, drumming, how volunteering connects you to people and exposes you to new activities, how comic book shops are good places to go when you're new in town, Capital Slam, the importance of the treasurer in an arts organization, how comedy changed Danielle's life, blending genres, an initiative in which audience members write messages of support during a performance to give to the storyteller after. We talk about deemphasizing competitiveness, working with Siri to create a collaborative team spoken word poem, to feel terrified and excited as part of Danielle's experience of the VERSeFest Invitation Slam, robot poetry. 

We discuss how things have changed since Danielle has returned to Ottawa last year, Danielle's series Ephemeroptera at the Origin Arts and Community Centre, collaboration with the dojo at the Art House Cafe. We talked about a quote from Danielle on the VERSeFEST site: "Standup comedy is like poetry... but with a [specific] goal!"

Links to people, places, things and organizations mentioned in the episode:
Westfest - Danielle is curating a storytelling event on Saturday, June 8, 2019.
Ijeoma Oluo, story teller, writer, blogger, parent advocate and occasional dance-party host
Stephen Brockwell, the Real Made Up (ECW Press)

If you're interested in doing shows (spoken or read) or want to do a workshop on a strange or esoteric art form, e-mail Danielle:

Thanks to Danielle for her insightful and inspiring answers, to a.m. kozak for co-hosting, to Charles Earl for processing and to Jennifer Pederson for the intro and outro.
Thanks to all of you for listening and sharing our podcast on social media.
Stay tuned for more episodes!

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