DEADLINE:                                                  February 28, 2021

FORMAT:                                                      I will respond only to jpg/png or video formats, such as .mov, mp4., .wav

# OF VISUAL POEMS TO SUBMIT:         as many as you like

PUBLICATION STATUS:                            can be previously or currently published/exhibited or on social media - as long as you hold copyright

BIOGRAPHY:                                               1ST or 3rd person

CONTRIBUTOR PHOTO:                          optional

WHO CAN SUBMIT:                                  Earthlings everywhere


PREFERRED LARGE FILE TRANSFER:  WETRANSFER.COM -  please use We Transfer instead of Google drive. i can't access Google drive from this account.


The visual poems will be published on each day in April, 2021 with links shared daily to our FB page and to my personal Twitter page: @KikiFolle. The work will be online until February 28, 2022.


Visual poems include digital, typewriter, Letraset/rub on letters, stamps, asemic, glitch, collage, altered books, calligraphy, photos of art installations, erasure/black out poetry, textiles, nature, ceramics, performance scores, poem objects, sculptures, handwritten, comics, mixed media, word toys, or anything else you can think of that combines text/elements of language/concepts of language with other media. Surprise me.


Visit to see site’s parameters and aesthetic considerations. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me. I will send acknowledgements to everyone who submits in the requested format shortly after I receive the work and will send out acceptances and rejections in March.


AngelHousePress began in 2009 as an alternative to institutionalized celebrations of poetry with the goal of expanding preconceived notions of what poetry is or means. My favourite response to the poetry on is "this isn't poetry!"


We publish one work each day in April for a total of 30 visual poems. I use the opportunity to discover potential contributors to and to our essay series.


We will give preference to submissions by D/deaf and disabled writers, 2SLGBTQ+, women and BIPOC writers. You are welcome to include this information in your biography, if you care to.


AngelHousePress, established in 2007, is a feminist press. We publish and promote raw talent, ragged edges and rebels through, an annual celebration of poetry in April,, an annual online PDF magazine that comes out in the autumn, an online essay series and a podcast, the Small Machine Talks. Please visit for more information, and to sign up to our mailing list to stay informed about calls for submission and activities.


From 2007 to 2019, we published limited edition chapbooks, some of which are still available on (poetry and hybrids); and (prose and hybrids.)


Please share this call!


Happy New Year and thank you to all who contributed and submitted work, purchased, and reviewed chapbooks, and shared our shenanigans in 2020.


Wishing you all love, moments of joy and whimsy, and the strength to get through whatever 2021 sends your way.


yr fallen angel,

Amanda Earl

Experiment-O 13Experiment-O 13

Dear Friends of AngelHousePress,


I am happy to present the latest issue of Experiment-O, our annual pdf magazine celebrating the art of risk. This issue is dedicated to the fragile and the flawed, after this quote: “What if language were to remember how fragile it is, and how flawed?” from

Where Things Touch, A Meditation on Beauty, Bahar Orang’s important, delightful and indispensable book, published by Book*Hug in this pandemic year as part of its essai series.


Working on Experiment-O is a year-long process which affords me with the opportunity to learn about the creative work currently being done all over the world , and to engage actively and in depth with the work of artists, poets, visual poets and prose writers both new and familiar to me, to explore beyond my own perceived aesthetic and experiences.


Based on this engagement, every year I invite a dozen or so artists and writers to contribute to the issue. I appreciate the generosity of contributors who have kindly agreed to publish their work in Experiment-O for thirteen years and counting. I am always taken by surprise and heartened by the generous responses of readers, many of whom are discovering the work of these contributors for the first time. This year when it is especially difficult to focus and be attentive to anything at all, I am grateful to contributors and readers for devoting your time and attention to this publication and all the other AngelHousePress activities.


Experiment-O Issue 13 gathers the work of contributors from Australia, Canada, Germany, UK and USA:  ReVerse Butcher, Ellen Chang-Richardson, Susan Connolly, Evelyn Eller, Frank Lepold, Jenny McMaster, Khashayar Mohammadi, Neda Omidvar, Imogen Reid, Rachel Small, Rob Thomas, Sylvia Van Nooten and C.R.E. Wells.


I urge you to read their biographies on the back pages of the issue, which will give you links to where you can find out more about them and their work. It is always my hope that reading Experiment-O inspires you to support and promote the work of our contributors, to learn of other creators, and to create art and literature yourself. Experiment-O is part of a larger, ongoing conversation about art and literature, creation, and connection.


The site also contains all twelve previous issues for your reading pleasure.


In these unsettling times, where it is barely possible to have a reason for optimism and when we long for closeness with loved ones again, I hope you will find solace and inspiration in this offering of love, generosity and light. I wish you safety, good health, kindness, and joy.


your fallen angel,

Amanda Earl, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, December 4, 2020

AngelHousePress at the Virtual Indie Lit SymposiumAngelHousePress at the Virtual Indie Lit Symposium

Meet the Presses is holding a series of free virtual panels on Zoom between November 26 and November 29. AngelHousePress  will be participating in the Outlaw Presses: Pushing the Boundaries of Small Press, which will take place on Saturday, November 28, 2020 from 2-3pm with No Press and the Blasted Tree, from out west, Burlington's Simulacrum Press, Toronto's Noir Z and fellow Ottawa entity, Room 3o2 Books. We'll have opening remarks, a moderating session and an opportunity for attendees to ask questions. Get your questions ready!

You can register for the entire symposium here. Thanks to the Meet the Presses collective for inviting AngelHousePress to take part. It promises to be an interesting series of discussions. 

Meet the Presses Indie Lit Symposium Schedule

Thursday, November 26, 2020: bpNichol Chapbook Award Winner Announcement, 7-8pm EST
Friday, November 27, 2020: The Roots of Small Press, 7-8pm EST
Saturday, November 28, 2020: The Future of Small Press, 12-1pm EST
Outlaw Presses: Pushing the Boundaries of Small Press, 2-3pm EST
Sunday, November 29, 2020: Magazines and Journals, 12-1pm EST
Small Press and the Craft of Bookmaking, 2-3pm EST

yr fallen angel,
Amanda Earl

VISPO mags, sites and presses for visual poets and fans

This is the first draft. It is aimed at those who want to submit visual poetry for publication and those who want to purchase visual poetry. I am grateful to those who offered suggestions. Please send suggestions and corrections to amanda at angelhousepress dot com. 
This is one of the many guides available through AngelHousePress in an attempt to assist in the creation and dissemination of visual poetry throughout the world.
Click here to access the spreadsheet.

Women and Gender Nonconforming Visual Poetry Editors, Publishers, and Curators

I’m steadily creating a directory of publications and sites with women and gender nonconforming editors, publishers and curators of visual poetry. Please note that you must check the individual sites to find out who they publish, what type of work they are publishing and if they’re currently seeking submissions. My hope is that this list will encourage submissions and collaborations and be inspiring and reassuring to other women and gender nonconforming visual poets who may often feel like there’s no place for their work. One of my missions for AngelHousePress is to center women and nonconforming artists and writers. I've now moved the list over to a general list:

An Essay About Writing A Talk About Poetry or Thoughts on Play, the Other and DuendeAn Essay About Writing A Talk About Poetry or Thoughts on Play, the Other and Duende

Presented at the Factory Reading Series Talk, November 21, 2013, Raw Sugar, Ottawa with talks by Amanda Earl, Brecken Hancock and David O’Meara.
First published in Seventeen Seconds, edited by rob mclennan, 2016. Since the online journal is no longer online, I thought I would share this talk about duende and play in my poetry practice here, so that it has a permanent home. 

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