The Small Machine Talks, Episode 28The Small Machine Talks, Episode 28

The Small Machine Talks #28

with @_amkozak and @kikifolle

Recorded on February 11, 2018


We open with a short statement about recent revelations of racism and abuse of power in CanLit, including in Ottawa. @_amkozak


Aaron mentions that these issues are coming to light in other communities he’s involved in. We talk of our own experiences in coping with the bombardment of pain and stress and invite you to contact us if you’d like to talk about it with the possibility of having a more nuanced discussion with anyone who would like to, on the podcast.


7.42 We discuss recent events, such as the Sawdust Reading Series with @IdeasofNature and Spencer Gordan. @sawdustseries @spencergordan @thepuritan @pandora888 @biblioasis . @_amkozak



11.09 @treeseries @itsakirby @bsbOttawa @margolapierre @bywordsdotca [aside – we’re looking for chapbook and poetry book reviews] great readings at extended open mic and # SouvankhamThammavongsa ‘s great workshop & poetry reading . @_amkozak



15.16 @cbcunreserved Indigenous Trailblazers: Carving Paths Through Tradition hosted by @RoDeerchild part of @megaphono inspiring talks. it was especially inspiring to hear Alanis Obomsawin . @_amkozak



17.37 NEWS @_amkozak is moving to Little Italy; he’s made it out of the basement just before turning 30. #drums #soundetry #film #creativity .



19.00 @arcpoetry staff changes @montyreid @ceeeejohnson @jkmoran . @_amkozak



19.26 new Parliamentary poet laureate is Georgette LeBlanc replacing George Elliott Clarke . @_amkozak



20.02 Liam Burke joins @ckcufm Literary Landscape with @pesbo, @k8thek8 and Robin MacLachlen Thursday nights at 6:30pm . @_amkozak



20.57 Current and recent reads: 14 @robmclennanblog We discuss some of the work that resonated, including art and poetry. An inspiration for AngelHousePress’ Experiment-O. @manaaaahil’s wild poetry @meesterchristie # @franchetoast pro-biotic yogurt / the son of Odin @spencergordan @penanddragon @mahazimmo . @_amkozak



28.14 @spencergordan “Cruise Missile Liberals” @nightwooded #GerardManleyHopkins #dogears @_amkozak reads from “Here and Now” “Things were better when you were on fire” & “Survey”

We try to explain indentation & do it poorly. #hanginglinebreak @mrrazovsky #Pockets 37.45 . @_amkozak



38.24 Amanda read Canisia Lubrin’s Voodoo Hypothesis . @_amkozak



38.39 Amanda is reading the anthology “Stairs and Whispers - D/deaf and Disabled Poets Write Back” Edited by @san_alland, @mailbykite & @danielsluman

@ninearchespress #accessibility #erasure #soundcloud  . @_amkozak



41.45 @danielsluman editorial poem, “Shove Ten Pounds of Sugar in a Seven Pound Bag”
Beautiful, revelatory poem of absences and the connection between disability and poetry.  . @_amkozak



41.48 Miki Byrne’s Nepuliser . @_amkozak

43.29 @_amkozak read a chapbook published by @rahilasghost Normal Women by Megan Fennya Jones @cantlit many poems deal with modelling; immediate and sparse language #WWIpoetry .


45.17 @_amkozak reads “Paris Fashion Week”. reminds Amanda of a fashion show. Amanda’s a fan of #ProjectRunway. storytelling via images @cassidymcfadz style & rhymes .


48 @_amkozak reads from “A Poem is a Deathwish” which reminded him of the poetry of @kaylaczaga “Selfie”; open ended endings; exploration of the body. he reads part of “the Beach Today” .


52.07 @cantlit podcast w/ @rahilasghost design by @curtiswleblanc sad ghost 1st attempt #Episode54;  inspiration for our podcast also . @_amkozak



52.55 Accessibility in #CanLit @depalm When Buildings Do the Dirty Work, CanLit Hands Aren’t Clean

Her CanCripLit page: . @_amkozak



55.21 @bywordsdotca is creating a guide to accessible literary, spoken word, storytelling, nonfiction venues in Ottawa. See FB page: and take part in finding venues. @opl_bpo accessible spaces at a nominal cost . @_amkozak



58.35 If you go to a space in Ottawa that you think might be an accessible space and candidate for a reading, let me know or post on the Access Word Ottawa Page

A site in progress to share creative spaces . @_amkozak



1.01.20 _@amkozak talks about psychological/monetary/transit accessibility and the issue of events at bars. .


1.04 Amanda is trying to reach out to disabled people to help us create the guide. .


1.05 20 Upcoming events and calls


February is Black History Month

Theme for 2018 is: "Our Canadian Story: Honouring the U.N. International Decade for Peoples of African Descent." See site for additional events . @_amkozak


February 21 - Jamaal Jackson Rogers and Jacqui DuToit for an interactive presentation of: The Village - A storytelling and Poetry Experience. 6pm, Main Branch, Ottawa Public Library . @_amkozak


Tree Reading Series: Feb 27 – Jennifer Lovegrove and Segun Akinlolu; Coven Editions launch

Feb 20 – Sawdust: Anita Dolman, Conyer Clayton and poem-off winner . @_amkozak


VERSeFest: March 20 – 25

hints on the Instagram and Twitter pages of VERSeOttawa/VERSeFest

Christine McNair, Gary Barwin, Nyla Matuk, Di Brandt, Major Jackson, Sneha Madhavan-Reese, Louise Bernice-Halfe, David Groulx, Klara Duplessis, Ahmed Knowmadic Ali, Faith Arkorful, Madeleine Stratford, the Icelandic poet, Sjon, Jeff Latosik, Hoa Nguyen, Robyn Schiff . @_amkozak



6. Calls and contests . @_amkozak See news

Thanks for listening to this episode of the Small Machine Talks. Thanks to @pandora888 for the intro and outro; @charlesearlfoto for the processing. Please share with your friends! 



Coming of Age in the Internet: An Interview with Guillaume Morissette

In this companion piece to the Small Machine Talks Interview, a.m. kozak and Guillaume Morissette discuss the challenges of living in the internet age. In this extension to their conversation, they talk about Guillaume’s novel, The Original Face (Véhicule Press, 2017) and how the main character, a millennial named Daniel, navigates relationships, work and art in this climate.


You can also enjoy our two-part interview here:


Part 1:


Part 2:

The Small Machine Talks, Episode 27, Interview with KirbyThe Small Machine Talks, Episode 27, Interview with Kirby

The Small Machine Talks Episode 27

with Amanda Earl and a.m. kozak

Interview with Kirby

Recorded on January 9, 2018

Patty’s Pub, Old Ottawa South

To listen to the episode, please click here.


Before a featured reader appearance at the Tree Reading Series on Tuesday, January 9, 2018, I speak with Kirby at Patty's Pub in Old Ottawa South. Over pints and truffle fries we speak about Kirby’s journey into writing, and the evolution and future of Knife, Fork, Book, Canada's only poetry book store, the press and wQr imprint with editor Fan Wu, printing at Coach House, erotica, AIDS activism, gratitude, praise, the poet Hoa Nguyen, double entendres, reading poetry in public about taboo subjects and the importance of knowing one’s audience, readings in bathhouses, rejoicing in the body, the positive energy of Knife, Fork, Book.


a.m. kozak couldn’t be with us alas and was very much missed.


What a great experience chatting with this visionary poet, publisher, bookstore owner and friend.



Knife, Fork, Book -

Tree Reading Series

[a video of the reading will be posted on the Tree site soon]

A Cocksucker’s Prayer -

Rusty Toque, Issue 13

Northern Exposure: Jeff Kirby’s A Builder of Homes for Books and Readers in Toronto in Boog City

Hoa Nguyen -


Thanks to Charles Earl for processing this recording, to Jennifer Pederson for intros and outros, to Kirby for the great interview and to all of you for listening and sharing the podcast with poetry enthusiasts everywhere.


Stay tuned for the next episode! 2018: Call for 2018: Call for Submissions
by 2018 – FREE FOR ALL


Please send poetry, collages, book art, altered books, graphic comics, asemic writing, visual art, visual poems, imaginary letters and anything else you can think of that makes readers question their ideas of what poetry is for consideration for 2018.  Especially welcomed is work by the following groups: women, people of colour, disabled, indigenous and genderqueer writers. We will consider work by writers and artists from all over the world, including translations into English, provided there aren’t copyright issues.




Send to

Text: .doc, .docx, rtf files

Length: no more than 45 lines or 250 words.

Art and visual poetry: jpg files

Number of pieces/poems: unlimited; as many as you like

Video/Audio: I’m not sure. Send it and we’ll see if we can publish.

Deadline: February 28, 2018

Publication status: work can be previously published or unpublished as long as you hold copyright.

Required: short bio in first or third person; contributor photograph.

Response: I will send you an acknowledgement of receipt within a day or so, probably sooner. I will send out acceptances and rejections in March, 2017.



AngelHousePress began in 2009 as an alternative to institutionalized celebrations of poetry with the goal of expanding preconceived notions of what poetry is or means. My favourite response to the poetry on is "this isn't poetry!"


We publish one poem/piece of art each day in April for a total of 30 poems/pieces. I use the opportunity to discover potential contributors to and to the AngelHousePress limited edition chapbook series, as well as our essay series.


AngelHousePress, established in 2007, publishes raw talent, ragged edges and rebels through its limited edition chapbook series,, an annual celebration of poetry in April,, an annual online PDF magazine that comes out in November, an online essay series and a podcast, the Small Machine Talks. Please visit for more information, and to sign up to our mailing list to stay informed about calls for submission and activities.


I welcome any queries, comments or suggestions you have.

Please kindly share this call with every artist and poet you know.


yr fallen angel,

Amanda Earl

Ottawa, January 1, 2018


PS: if there was ever a time for your essays on art, creativity, poetry, solidarity, now is it. Visit to see our call for essays, rants, manifestos, interviews, reviews.


PPS: Women and genderqueer poets are welcome to send me up to five pages of poetry if you haven’t yet published a book or chapbook as part of the AngelHousePress free close reading service for new women/genderqueer poets. Include a few of the poets that influence your writing. Send to as an attachment.


The Small Machine Talks, Episode 26The Small Machine Talks, Episode 26

The Small Machine Talks, Episode 26 with a.m. kozak and Amanda Earl

Round up of favourites from 2017

Recorded Saturday, December 30, 2017

Click here to listen to the episode.


We begin by offering some stats for the podcast. We talk about favourite books, chapbooks, poems in magazines both print and online, readings and other events that we enjoyed in 2017. We talk about how we first heard about certain writers.


We discuss the concept of best of lists and favourites.

We urge Lagavulin to sponsor us once again.

We complain about writing plot in fiction and how damn hard it is. We talk about the transition from school to work and how that affects going out to events and the difference between academic and other type of writing.


Happy new year to all of our listeners and participants. See you in 2018.

The Small Machine Talks, Episode 25-BThe Small Machine Talks, Episode 25-B

The Small Machine Talks, Episode 25-B

with a.m. kozak and Amanda Earl

Recorded Sunday, December 3, 2017

Part 2 of our interview with Guillaume Morissette

Click here to listen to the episode.


In this session, we discuss Guillaume’s book, the Original Face, published by Véhicule Press this year. If you have a copy of the book, you should have it handy for this interview.


Aaron’s fascinating interview with Guillaume Morissette covers today’s Internet habits and how they affect society within the context of his novel. We discuss the ramifications of technology and having to maintain an online presence in the Capitalist system. Guillaume talks about how characters in the book romanticize early Internet aesthetics based on the limits of technology, information overload, use of hyperbole for marketing in book publishing, click bait.


The Orville comes up, as it should. Also Black Mirror, which Guillaume says is one of the rare instances of  a program that looks at the dark side of technology. Aaron recommends Season 3, Episode 1. We get into self-driving cars, the responsibility of tech creators and innovators. What if social media existed in the age of the atomic bomb?


Amanda learns from Guillaume that you can buy followers on social media. People are monetizing their social media, for example live game playing and being rewarded for not taking care of themselves. The book deals with freelancing and internet art. The novel’s characters experience hypercapitalism, which have consequences. In the book, he advocates about a decentralized internet where we get away from centralized systems, which give biblical power to corporations like FaceBook.


Aaron asks about the book’s similes and metaphors where physical things are compared to the digital. Guillaume explains that the term the original face is from Zen Buddhism, what did your parents’ faces look like before you were born? your consciousness comes from somewhere. The protagonist, Daniel, has a collection of zen Buddhism books and is thinking about this concept throughout the book and incorporating it into his artwork. Guillaume draws parallels with late capitalism where we’re encouraged to always do more. We talk about social media as a curated reality. Aaron talks about mindfullness as a treatment for anxiety.


Guillaume discusses his life before living in Montreal, in Quebec City where life was  quite competitive. In Montreal, he’s moved a lot and cultivated a life of fewer material goods.


In the novel, there’s a blur of the boundaries between physical and digital realties. Guillaume talks about how that distinction is disappearing. We talk about tracking through smart phones, the Apple Watch. We discuss the Simms, virtual reality. The novel also covers climate change and procreation, examples of things that always tie us back to the physical world.


Aaron asks whether opting out of social media has become an existential decision. Guillaume says this is mostly a North American issue because Europe, for example, has better privacy laws. What are the implications of employers being able to check out a potential employee on social media? Having more control over our data may resolve some of these issues. Our lives can be sabotaged by social media shaming. There are companies that handle representation management.


Even in Canada, Guillaume points out, strategies developed by American corporations on US politics affect us too. Income is often tied to one’s social media presence. Guillaume appreciates some aspects of social media such as being invited to invents, but otherwise it’s a dumpster fire. Amanda uses social media to find fellow misfits.


Aaron talks about the novel’s characters ideas to create anti-content on the internet as perhaps more of a statement. Guillaume discusses opting out by not having a phone if you can find a way to survive and aren’t penalized in the capitalist system.


We talk about Newfoundland, which is one of the book’s settings. It’s Viagra for writers, a magical place. In the book, Newfoundland adds a different perspective, is least related to the internet. Guillaume talks about Grace and Daniel’s relationship. The two main focuses for Daniel are trying to make it as an artist and freelancing. Banal life goals like getting married and having kids become impossible fantasies thanks to capitalistic limitations, such as the need to live in cities, not being able to save money and how this puts pressure on relationships. The book taps into that reality.


Aaron muses about whether artists not experiencing instability can create. Guillaume points out that the novel, while not being autobiographical, does draw from real life. Aaron finds creating art different now that he has a stable job. He wonders if he can tap into the same tension and if having a stable job changes one’s identity as an artist.


The novel asks the question of whether being an artist is self-destructive. Guillaume asks us this question. You’ll have to listen to the episode for our answers.





The Original Face by Guillaume Morissette



Darcie Wilder – literally show me a healthy person





The Onlife Manifesto: Being Human in an Interconnected World

Luciano Floridi


So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed – Jon Ronson

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